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Alternate Vape Kit - THC Free - CBD Vape Shot Cartridge (1ml / 250mg CBD) w/ Case & Battery

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The Alternate Vape Kit includes everything you need to get started vaping CBD. Our all-natural and highly potent CBD oil is THC free and non-psychoactive. It is offered in three flavors. This kit will allow you to vape CBD easily, even if you have never vaped before.

The Alternate Vape CBD Kit includes everything needed to start vaping CBD, it offers an easy and effective way to get your daily dose of CBD. Our highly potent and all-natural CBD oil is great tasting and effective. If you're new to vaping or are unsure how to vape CBD, this kit is a simple way to ensure that you're getting everything you need to get started. Vaping is an easy and effective way to get CBD on an as-needed basis.

Why Should I Give Vaping CBD A Try?
Alternate Vape pre-filled cartridges contain high quality hemp-derived CBD oil containing 250mg CBD and are THC free. This product is non-psychoactive and has high potency CBD, making Alternate Vape an easy choice. To make certain that quality is as promised, Alternate Vape CBD Oil is lab tested to ensure phytocannabinoid levels are perfect. View the Certificate of Analysis from the lab here.

View the Certificate of Analysis

It is easy to get a dose of CBD with this kit since it includes everything you need; a pre-filled flavored cartridge, a battery and the charger along with a sleek case to keep everything together. Natural plant terpenes are used to create three flavor options; mint, kush and citrus.

What Can I Expect Them to Taste Like?
- Mint is likened to fresh breath mint and is made with terpenes and (mentha piperita) peppermint. Mint is our strongest flavor.
- Citrus provides a smooth and subtle citrus fruit flavor made with a proprietary blend of plant terpenes.
- Kush offers an herbal earthy flavor likened to the hemp plant as it is made with a proprietary blend of plant terpenes.

Product Details
- Easy to use with great taste!
- Discrete
- 250mg CBD
- THC Free
- Portable
- Low-voltage, Li-ion battery
- Premium wickless cartridge
- Discrete and sleek carrying case

What is Vaping and is it Right for me?
Vaping is defined by inhaling a vapor produced by a device. Vaping is an ever-growing trend. Many people are enjoying the ease of use and flavor options available in vaping CBD. Vaping makes getting CBD easy and immediate and can be used as-needed rather than taken as a daily health supplement at designated times. Anyone can learn to vape so don’t be discouraged if you have never done it.

The great taste, convenience and ease of use makes vaping one of the most popular methods of taking CBD. Vaping tastes good and can be done anywhere, anytime and is discrete. Many people love how relaxing vaping can be. Try it for yourself and see what all the rage is about. Order your Alternate Vape kit and enjoy the great taste while you conveniently get your CBD.

How Does the Vape Pen Work?
Twist the pre-filled cartridge onto the battery and take a deep breath in through the mouthpiece, hold for a few seconds and exhale.

This vape kit is automatic and requires no maintenance aside from charging (the USB charger is included). You do not need to press any buttons or turn anything on or off. It will turn on when you inhale and turn off on its own. No messy refills, leaking cartridges or high- maintenance mods - your life just got easier with our Alternate Vape Kit.

What is a Vape Shot?
Referring to our pre-filled, flavored vaporizer tank, a vape shot is high quality hemp-derived high CBD extract. This extract contains 250mg CBD and will last 300-500 puffs, varying by individual use.

Why Buy the Kit?
Purchasing the kit jump starts your use of vaping CBD as it provides exactly what you need to get started. The tank, charger and battery are all you need. Twist the tank onto the battery and inhale through the mouth piece. When your flavored pre-filled cartridge is empty, just order a new Vape Shot (prefilled-cartridge). Try a different flavor and enjoy! Here you can view the replacement vape shots.

To clarify, the vape shot (pre-filled cartridge) is all that will be tossed and need replacing. You can use and reuse your battery with your replacement Vape Shots. You do not need to order a new kit each time you need a new vape shot.

The pre-filled cartridge will twist onto the battery and when the battery needs charging, you simply twist the tank off of the battery and screw the battery onto the USB the charger. When your vape shot is empty, simply unscrew the tank from the battery and throw the empty tank (vape shot) away but don’t forget to order a new one! Try a new flavor and enjoy the ease of use! When you order your replacement vape shot and you receive the pre-filled cartridge you will just twist it onto your battery and it will be ready to use again! In short, the kit makes vaping easy. It includes everything you need to get started vaping and the only thing you will need to continually purchase is your new pre-filled cartridges when yours get empty.

Why Choose Alternate Vape?
Vaping is an easy, efficient and tasty way to implement CBD oil into your life. Easy to use and effectively perfect at delivering your high potency CBD, it’s easy to see why vaping is becoming the go-to choose for many people.

Let us shed some light on why Alternate Vape is different and why it can be part of your health regimen. While most vape products are made with propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), which can be damaging to your health, Alternate vape is made with a fractionated coconut oil (MCT) base. Alternate Vape touts this beneficial vape option containing no PG or VG base. This vape contains only all-natural ingredients and can naturally support your body with CBD.

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are generally necessary to keep CBD evenly distributed throughout the vape oil, but thanks new developments in Alternate Vape, the oil has been reformulated and is all-natural. CBD, MCT (fractionated coconut oil) and plant terpenes for flavor are the only ingredients in this oil, making this a product you can trust for your health.

How Does the Vape Pen Work?
When you take a puff on this vaporizer pen, red lights on the bottom will light up. If they blink or do not light up, it’s time to charge the battery.

To charge the battery, simply twist the tank (prefilled cartridge) off of the battery and twist the battery onto the USB charger. Plug the USB cord into your computer or wall USB charger.
*Please note that the computer must be on for the vaporizer battery to charge.

Use as needed throughout the day.
*Please note if you vape more than 4 times in one minute, damage to the coil may occur, resulting in a burnt taste.

Vaporizer Specs:
This low-voltage, li-ion battery is paired with a premium wickless cartridge to bring you ease, comfort and subtle flavor.

Operating voltage: ~5V

How to Charge
Twist battery onto USB charger and plug charger into USB port to charge. The LED lights will remain on while the battery is charging and when charging is complete, they will pulse 10 times and then turn off showing the battery is fully charged.

Battery Life
The battery will last for about 30 full cycles of use and then the lights will flash rapidly, indicating low power.

Auto Shutoff
The battery will automatically turn off after 10 seconds of inhalation.

Battery LED Lights
While you draw in through the mouthpiece, the battery LED lights will light up. As the battery life gets lower, the lights will flash to indicate how low the battery life is.

One pulse - 30% Battery Remaining
Two pulses - 10% Battery Capacity Remaining
Five Pulses - Battery Drained and Needs Charged

The Alternate Vape Kit includes:
1 Pre-Filled Flavored Cartridge (250mg CBD)
1 Rechargeable Battery
1 Battery Charger
1 Case which perfectly contains your cartridge, battery and charger.
*Each pre-filled cartridge contains 250mg high quality hemp-derived CBD.

CBD: 250mg CBD
THC: 0mg - THC Free

Active Ingredient: MCT (fractionated coconut) Oil, CBD, Terpenes

Products on this site contain a value of 0.3% or less THC.

Do not take if pregnant or lactating. Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet or using any new product. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. *These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA).

FDA Disclaimer: The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires this notice.

More Information
ManufacturerAlternate Vape
Item Size1ml
CBD Amount250mg
Amount of CBD Per Serving1.2mg - 2mg (Using Average 300-500 Puffs)
Total # of Servings300-500 Puffs on Average
IngredientsMCT (fractionated coconut) Oil, CBD, Terpenes
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